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Every year, students from around the globe join our community for a transformative four-year experience that nurtures both their personal and professional growth, while forging bonds that will last a lifetime. If you believe in collaboration and are motivated by exploration and achievement, your next adventure starts here. Let's explore what we can achieve together.

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    First-Year Applicants

    Students from around the world strengthen and enrich our academic and campus community.

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    International Applicants

    Each year, Emory University becomes the academic home to scholars from more than one hundred nations, enriching and strengthening our academic and campus community.

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    Transfer Applicants

    If reconsidering your college options, explore Emory, where every year between 100 and 150 transfer students join our community, making it richer and more vibrant.

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    Homeschooled Applicants

    We welcome homeschooled applicants who have taken a substantial portion of their high school courses through a homeschool program or curriculum. Some supplementary documentation may be required.

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    Other Applicants

    Each year, Emory opens its doors to a diverse range of applicants, from veterans to joint enrollment students and everyone in between. Discover how to apply.